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8/27/13 03:10 pm - ladies, we give you...what's expected of you.

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

1/24/11 10:35 am - wt...f?

this is a comment i got on an old LJ post...i'm sure it's a fake-o hacky thing, but i thought it was kind of funny:

Subject: the book of all flesh
I dont truly be acquainted with what you talking about fair here. This cant be the only personality to about about this can it? It appears like you understand a lot, so why not enquire into it more? Exhort it more reachable to all and sundry else who might not correspond with you? Youd insinuate a lot more individuals behind this should you just stopped making normal statements.

why...thank you.

12/16/10 09:26 am - doooo do doooo

I actually went looking for memes everywhere because i'm bored. and by "everywhere" i mean on teija's page.
50 QuestionsCollapse )

12/1/10 03:36 pm

also this survey i stole from teijaCollapse )

12/1/10 02:54 pm - and you will go to mykonos

it's been a long day. not in the sense where you walk in the door, throw all your stuff down and sigh and say "man, it's been a long day," but in the sense where you're not saying that, not at home...because you're still at work. it's one of those days that steals even your sense of obligatory professionalism. thankfully, most of my co-workers and superiors don't waste their time with that. at least not with me. which may explain this email i wrote to my boss today

To: Mike E.
Subject: Re: Test Kitchen

Oh also, the guys who said they are building things in the kitchen – the ones you said shouldn’t be building things in the kitchen – said that someone named Steve Little is in charge of this whole building-things-in-the-kitchen operation. I’m waiting for Dan to be finished with whatever he’s doing today to tell him the same thing. I literally have NO idea what’s going on today.

Oh well. There's always Thursday.

In better, though almost-too-far-away, news. I'm going to Argentina this month (wow, it's December already. so much for almost-too-far-away)! for like 9 1/2 days! Adam's parents (one of whom was actually born and raised in Argentina - despite being European herself) are taking us there as a part of some "We're blowing all of the rest of our money to satisfy our bucket list" scheme to get all of their kids (and..me? wow) to Argentina with them once. I am...beyond excited. 20 days til that happens. :)

tonight i'm going to make black bean burgers with corn and mushrooms (and black beans) and korean chili sauce. hopefully that turns out well.

also, if you never have...listen to the song "Mykonos" by Fleet Foxes. it is...enchanting, to say the least.

ALSO UPDATE ON FOOD QUEST: Sublime Doughnuts TOTALLY lives up to its name. You must go to there. Have the strawberries and creme and the reeses cup at least, if not all of them at once.

over the hump, guys.

11/17/10 03:25 pm - the internet is for bored.

whoa man. some awkwardly giddy twitter thoughtsCollapse )

Now that that's out of my system.

Twitter just brings to mind another thing i've been thinking about lately. I think one starts to feel old once they start to feel uninformed, at least about pop-culture. And i think, even with the human life-span getting longer every day, there's a point in the life of a twenty-something like me where you start to feel old. And not because you're not hip - you totally are. It's because pop-culture is too fucking fast now. I read a blog post about something that happened recently and I tell someone and they're like "WOW that was a few days ago." YES. a few DAYS ago, guys. not months, years, decades. DAYS. Back in ancient times (you know, the 80s), stuff stuck around for at least a week, right? Now i see hashtags hanging around for, oh i don't know, 5 minutes before they're old news. Gimme a break, internet! Don't make me feel old! I'm only 26. At least until next month (holy crap). How about happy things.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Thank goodness. Too much of the year is spent not being November 20-something-th through December 31st. Give me a break, rest of the year! I love the holidays like crazy. I think my crazy mom got it from her late crazy mom and so on and so on and i will probably pass it on to my kid(s) as well. I hope so. Adam and I are going to get a little electric light-up Christmas tree either next week or the following week and I am already plotting to steal some ornaments from my mom's collection and/or make some. maybe it's just being at work all day, but this stuff makes me mega excited.

Also, everyone is having babies. So, yeah. Congratulations, people having babies. Pin the scarlet "O" (OLD) to my chest. jk. have fun with your babies.

10/28/10 12:26 pm

here's an update:

1.I'm working for Calphalon as a "temp" or sometimes i'm referred to as a "contract employee" none of this makes any difference as, either way, i'm making $10/hour. But i like 98% of the people i work with and it's an easy commute, so I can't complain.  We even get to dress up for halloween. What?

2.Currently trying to get my artistic life back on track.  I had lost my way until the end of Korea. So now, with the unfailing support of my awesome boyfriend, i'm reaching back out to the parts of my life that I hadn't really kept up with.

Theatre: i'm in a musical called The Last Five Years at the New London Theatre in Snellville...it's running through next weekend. It's one of my favorite shows ever, so I think it's a good way to introduce myself back into the performing world. I'm also taking improv classes at Dad's Garage Theatre in Inman Park. If you've never been there, you should go there. They're awesome folks.

Visual Art: a few months ago I had the opportunity to put some artwork in a show at The Highlander in midtown called Skywalk With Me. it was a Star Wars inspired art show it was awesome. A rollergirl bought this peiceCollapse ) which was really exciting.

Then we got a chance to paint a Creative Loafing box for the tie-in with the Dali Exhibit, which turned out pretty good if you ask me.Collapse )

"So I've got that going for me." - Carl Spackler.

Photography: This one is sort of come-and-go, but I really enjoy it so much. Lately the only things i've done are taking some headshots for a friend of mine and taking pictures of a friend's graphic design for her website. But I have this portfolio that i'm working on, and I don't think it's half bad.

3. Living in town is the best. I think it's one of the main reasons I've been getting so re-involved in things. Until this past July, I hadn't lived in downtown Atlanta since I was 19. So it was a welcome homecoming that i had been waiting for...for a long time. I must take advantage of all of the things our awesome city has to offer. one of which is

4. Food. I've become more of a foodie than I ever was. Within a budget, i seriously want to try every single restuarant in Atlanta that looks even remotely interesting. My favorite of recent? Hankook Taqueria. It's Korean. It's tacos. It's Korean Tacos. and it's brilliant and wonderful. go there.

Apparently this entire post is about plugging things. plugging myself, plugging restaurants and theatres. But really...i think it should read more as an expression of how amazingly happy I am to be back in this city. There is something magical about Atlanta.

So who's up for some exploring? I think Sublime Doughnuts is next on my list. ehh?? let's go!

10/18/10 10:06 am - ding ding!

dustdust, coughcough...nice to see you again, lj.  oh and i completely forgot how to format.  how nice.

here's a meme i stole from whisperwordsCollapse )

2/1/10 10:05 pm - oh boy oh boy

i know.

so here's the skinny. I have a job taking pictures of peoples' pets on the weekends. it's a little boring at times (i know, surprisingly, people don't need professional pictures of their dogs), but it's work, and I know a lot of the country is suffering right now (not to mention, you know, the world), so I'm not going to complain about having a job that's less than way-exciting.

Adam and I are gearing up to get the heck on and get a place in the next couple of months. He's working extra hard right now to finish a huge animation project he's doing for a play that's opening in Louisville in March. After that, we should be on a roll. Look out, Atlanta! We're definitely looking forward to all of that.

That's it really. No, really. That's about it. I'm really happy, pretty busy, and more and more convinced that I'm getting better at taking care of things and being a responsible adult. Baby steps.

My Friends: I miss you. I know we're all busy (you guys, definitely, because you have better reasons like school and stuff), and I know I haven't been the most available friend (especially now that my weekends are during the week and viceyvoicy) but I love you guys and I really, really miss you. So, having said that, let's hang some time please. I know i've missed a couple of key opportunities, *wristslap*, but...yeah. :/?

I leave you with this:
I like the new Spoon album.
I don't care about the Super Bowl this year at all. Even less than most years.
I'm going to have a new niece in about 10 hours. Ariella Marie. excited!! :)

talk to you all soon, hopefully.

7/30/09 12:14 pm - Dear Atlanta,

I'm back. Finally. For a long while.
I missed you, Home.

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